Staff & Consultants

CEC currently employs more than 20 staff members and approximately 30 consultants. CEC prides itself on being able to provide the right mix of consultants, with expertise both in building effective systems and in specific content areas. In addition, CEC strives to provide districts with strong relationships with consultants over time.

Jo Anderson, Jr.

Co-Executive Director

Jo Anderson, Jr. serves as Co-Executive Director of the Consortium for Educational Change (CEC). Along with Mary Jane Morris, he oversees all aspects of the organization in order to promote collaborative labor-management relationships to systemically reform school districts and schools. Jo helped organize CEC and served as Executive Director from 1987 until 2005 while he… continue reading »

Mary Jane Morris

Co-Executive Director

Mary Jane Morris serves as Co-Executive Director of the Consortium for Educational Change (CEC). Along with Jo Anderson, she oversees all aspects of the organization in order to promote collaborative labor-management relationships to systemically reform school districts and schools. Morris also serves as project oversight and management for the Illinois Performance Evaluation Training “Growth Through… continue reading »

Mary McDonald

Sr. Director of Regional and National Work

Mary McDonald has worked for CEC since 2005 in supporting comprehensive school improvement and restructuring efforts in several Illinois and Ohio districts. She also has been instrumental in developing and implementing a curriculum for comprehensive union leadership to assist union leaders in retooling their locals to more successfully address the needs of their members in… continue reading »

David Osta

Sr. Director of School Improvement Grant Work

David Osta is the Senior Director for School Improvement Grants. He joined CEC in 2013 and has worked with schools and districts in the areas of system assessment, strategic planning and teacher evaluation. He has extensive experience in education policy, serving as the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Race to the Top (RttT) Director… continue reading »

Shelley Taylor

Sr. Director of Programs and Services

Shelley Taylor is a Sr. Director for Programs and Services for CEC and a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT).  She manages all programs, partnerships, and content for teacher evaluation, teacher mentoring and leadership, and inclusion practices, as well as oversees day-to-day operations of CEC’s contracted services. A former teacher, instructional coach, union president, and district… continue reading »

Heather Waller Peloquin

Director of Operations

Heather Waller-Peloquin joined the CEC team in 2008 as CEC’s administrative assistant and became the Director of Operations in 2009. She assists both CEC consultants and member districts with overall coordination of contracted consulting services. She is a member of CEC Executive Leadership Team and System of Support Team. Her role includes human resources, client… continue reading »

Nick Alexander

Director of Technology

Nick films and edits video case study documentaries, manages technical eLearning development for state-wide training and assessments, and develops internal and external technology systems and resources. Previously, Nick worked at a Los Angeles production company as a video editor and website and database developer. Nick has co-taught at UCLA Extension and led workshops in new… continue reading »

Arlana Bedard

Director of Programs & Services

As a Programs and Services Director, Arlana Bedard focuses on providing supports to school and districts in leadership. This focus on classroom to boardroom leadership is integral to CEC’s work on collaborative labor-management relationships and capacity-building as the foundational ingredients for improving educational outcomes and empowering all students. Arlana has worked in a variety of… continue reading »

Gail Capps


Gail Capps has been an educator and teacher leader in elementary, middle and high school systems. Gail comes to CEC with 19 years of experience in a large urban district as a special education teacher, school improvement coach and professional development coordinator. As Senior Consultant for CEC, Gail works in both the School Improvement Grant… continue reading »

Terri Carman


Dr. Terri Carman joined CEC in 2014, bringing 35 years of experience in education with her. She has been a teacher, coordinator of gifted program, assistant principal and principal in three diverse districts. She has expertise in building collaborative partnerships and positive cultures, utilizing a shared leadership approach, creating and implementing a framework-based appraisal system… continue reading »

Tamika Chambers


Tamika Chambers, PhD joined CEC in 2015 as a project consultant focusing on teaching and learning. She has over 10 years of diverse experience in K-12 educational settings. She has spent time as a classroom teacher, principal, district administrator, assessment director and professional development director. She is continuing her career supporting K-12 education through her… continue reading »

Cynthia Church


Cynthia Church joined CEC in 2016 as a consultant in the programs and services area. She has experience as a classroom teacher (elementary, middle school and high school), a reading specialist, and a principal. As a teacher, she was a union representative, led staff development, and was a member of the Illinois State Board of… continue reading »

Brett Clark

Director of Communications and Marketing

Brett Clark, APR, provides marketing and communication services for CEC. Additionally, he works with CEC districts to provide counsel on communications and communications strategies. He also assists school districts in the areas of shared leadership and strategic planning/visioning to improve student achievement. Prior to joining CEC in 2015, he worked for both K-12 public and… continue reading »

Crystal Conley

Director of Programs and Services

Crystal Conley joined CEC in 2013 and now serves as a Director of Programs and Services. She provides expertise in the areas of teacher effectiveness, mentoring, response to intervention, peer coaching, instructional improvement, curriculum development (Common Core), Professional Learning Communities, classroom technology integration and classroom transformation to 21st Century Learning. Crystal has 15 years experience… continue reading »

Kista Corrington


Kista Corrington joined the CEC as a consultant in 2018 and her service to teachers centers on coaching for student achievement through engaged rigor and relevance. Kista served Decatur Public Schools (Illinois) for eight years as a teacher, instructional coach and instructional technology coach. During that service, she infused creativity with learning to offer relevant… continue reading »

Ann Cummins-Bogan


Ann Cummins Bogan has been an educator for over 19 years. As a teacher leader, she co-chaired a district committee to design and implement a new appraisal system. Ann’s experience includes mentoring, peer-coaching, and creating professional development for teachers around the Framework for Teaching. Ann holds an M.A. in Teaching and a C.A.S. in Educational… continue reading »

Jill Engel


Dr. Jill Engel has been a project consultant since 2013. Her expertise includes assessment design, coaching, Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, the development of highly effective teams, the successful design and implementation of effective teacher and principal evaluation plans, including the implementation of the Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA). Jill has successfully supported many districts, administrators… continue reading »

John Falson

Director of Finance

John has been the Director of Finance for CEC since January 2008. As a member of the CEC management team, John manages all financial activities for the company. John has previously been the owner of an accounting and tax practice. He also has a broad background in investments and property management. John graduated from DePaul… continue reading »

Lisa Harrington


Lisa Harrington just joined the CEC as an Organizational Facilitator for the Rock Island Academy. She will be a member of the lead provider school improvement grant (SIG) team. Lisa has been an educator and an administrator at the secondary level. She has worked as a science instructor in the public school setting and as… continue reading »

Dave Heinzel


Dave Heinzel joins CEC as a Creative Technology Consultant. With a strong background in graphic design and photography, Heinzel also specializes in website technology and video production. He recently worked for nine years at Springfield Public Schools, where he developed and implemented a variety of website tools, as well as creating the Student Film Club,… continue reading »

Toni Kappel


Toni Kappel joins CEC as a Project Consultant. She has served as a trainer, external coach, and consultant for the llinois school improvement plan, Rising Star. During that time, Toni worked with the Statewide System of Support assisting district and school teams to create their individual plans. In addition to her school improvement work, Toni… continue reading »

Vickie Mahrt


Vickie Mahrt has worked in public schools in Missouri and lllinois as a speech/language pathologist. During her career, she has worked with students at every level from early childhood pre-kindergarten thru high school, as well as college students and adult learners. A member of the Illinois Education Association since 1983, Mahrt has held union leadership… continue reading »

Kim McBride

Administrative Assistant

Kim McBride serves as the administrative assistant for The Consortium for Educational Change. Her role includes providing office and technical support to the CEC team as well as its member districts. Kim’s other duties included providing support to the Regional Offices of Education for Growth Through Learning training and maintaining the CEC website. Kim graduated with… continue reading »

Colleen Melie


Colleen joined CEC in 2015 as a consultant focusing on teaching and learning in the areas of science and literacy.  She has 11 years of school leadership and teaching experience in both urban and suburban schools. Colleen has experience as a curriculum director, department chair, literacy liaison, classroom teacher, co-teacher, PLC leader, and mentor teacher. … continue reading »

JL Myers


JL Myers holds a BA in Mathematics from Augustana College and a M.S.Ed. in Administration from Northern Illinois University. He served as principal for 25 years at the elementary and junior high/middle school levels in Community Consolidated School District 15, Palatine, Illinois. Six of those years were as principal of a K-­‐8 school with 1400… continue reading »

Janice Ollarvia


Janice Ollarvia joins CEC as a Project Consultant in the core service area of Leader Effectiveness. Janice is an education consultant who retired from the Chicago Public Schools after educating the students of Chicago as a high school teacher of English, Drama and Speech, a curriculum coordinator, assistant principal, and principal. Following retirement, Janice served… continue reading »

Karen Osmanski


Karen joined CEC in 2013 and serves as a coach/consultant to districts and schools in the area of Improvement Planning. For the past two years, her work has centered on training State, district and school-based teams in the Illinois School Improvement process Rising Star. She also served on the Illinois State Board of Education’s Rising… continue reading »

Liz Webb Peterman


Liz comes to CEC with more than 30 years experience as a teacher, principal, mentor and coach. She has worked in Utah, Naperville 203, Naperville/Aurora 204, and most recently in LaGrange District 105. As a principal in LaGrange, Liz, along with her staff and community, received local and national awards for excellence in education, including… continue reading »

Karen Peterson


Karen Peterson Ed.D., is a Professor Emerita from Governors State University in University Park, Illinois.  She has worked with high-need schools for more than 40 years. Dr. Peterson has more than 20 years each as a classroom teacher and a teacher educator. While at Governors State, Dr. Peterson served as a Coordinator of the Elementary… continue reading »

Lindsay Powell

Administrative Assistant

Lindsay Powell recently joined the CEC team as an Administrative Assistant. She serves as technical assistant and confidential secretary to the Executive Director and to the CEC team members. Prior to CEC, Lindsay worked as a pre-k teacher. Lindsay graduated from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

Renae Rebechini


Renae Rebechini brings a holistic approach to helping people learn new skills to have an impact that matters to them. Her passion is inspiring others to be excited about what they are doing. As a consultant, facilitator, negotiator, mediator, and OD professionals, Renae offers expertise in training, consulting, planning, project launches, investigation, and discovery. She… continue reading »

Jamie Reilly


Dr. Jamie Reilly served public school districts in both Illinois and Pennsylvania for over 40 years; 26 years as a teacher and 16 years as an administrator. Her experience includes classroom teaching at elementary grades, as well as a reading specialist and trained Reading Recovery Teacher. Jamie found her extensive teaching background to be most… continue reading »

Brian Ritz


Brian joins the CEC team as a data analyst to assist in collecting data, making informed decisions, and monitoring progress within its various scopes of work. Formerly, Brian worked as a high school math teacher, instructional math coach, and data analyst at Danville District #118. During this time, Brian worked alongside CEC to help lead… continue reading »

Carolyn Scanlon


Carolyn Scanlon joined CEC in 2015 as consultant with a focus in mathematics and E-learning.  She has been a teacher for more than 12 years.  During her teaching career, Carolyn taught at the middle school level, high school level and served as an instructional coach for a K-8 district.  Carolyn also has experience providing district level… continue reading »

Jenny Seitz


Jenny L. Seitz joined the Consortium for Educational Change in 2016. She currently serves as a Project Manager on the School Improvement Grant (SIG) lead provider team.  She previously served as the IRISE Project Manager (Illinois Rural Innovative School Effort). Prior to joining CEC, Jenny spent nearly 20 years with Decatur Public Schools (Illinois). She… continue reading »

Joyce Senters


Joyce Senters recently joined CEC in 2014 and will be involved in the development and consultative training with districts in the areas of teacher effectiveness, mentoring of special education leadership and co-teaching. Joyce has been a general and special education elementary and middle school teacher and has worked as building and central office administrator Pre-K… continue reading »

Laura Sestak

Regional TURN Project Manager

​Laura Sestak joined the Consortium for Educational Change as the Regional TURN Project Manager in July 2013. Her main role is to plan and coordinate logistics and conference support for Regional TURN networks throughout the United States.  She also supports the work of consultants in the Regional/National Consulting program area and manages the daily operations… continue reading »

Bhavna Sharma-Lewis


Bhavna is a future-focused leader of world-class schools and districts. She is an enthusiastic advocate for building professional teams that prepare students as global citizens and world-ready learners. Bhavna has built a reputation as an innovative leader and collaborative partner who elevates performance expectations and empowers others to optimize results through continuous improvement and high… continue reading »

Cynthia Sikorski


Cynthia Sikorski serves as a project consultant, working in the area of Student Effectiveness within the Consortium for Educational Change (CEC). In that capacity, she works with school districts to focus on the areas of Common Core and Next Generation Standards, instructional strategies and tools, assessment for and of learning, and standards-based reporting. Ms. Sikorski… continue reading »

Perry Soldwedel

Director of Programs and Services

Perry Soldwedel works with CEC districts on system change. In that capacity, he facilitates the Compact for Quality and serves as a coach/consultant with district leaders as they strive to improve their performance results. Perry also leads external review teams at both the district and school levels to provide organizations with feedback related to continuous… continue reading »

Mary Tavegia


Mary has 37 years of educational experience in schools in Iowa and Illinois with 33 years in La Grange School District 102. During her 17 years of teaching in District 102, she worked as both a special education teacher and a general education teacher and she also served as President of the Education Association for… continue reading »

Dr. Kathy Tooredman

Executive Consultant

Kathy Tooredman began her work with CEC in 1987, co-staffing the new organization with Jo Anderson until 2000. During this period of time, she was a facilitator/mediator of interest-based negotiations for nearly 30 collectively bargained agreements. She returns in the role of Executive Consultant, advising the Executive Director in charting CEC’s next phase of programs… continue reading »

Dr. Marleis Trover


Dr. Trover is a Project Consultant for the CEC, working as a facilitator in the Teacher and Principal Effectiveness Core and as a facilitator for the current Growth Through Learning Enhancing Professional Practice Component. She is an Associate Professor for McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois. There, in addition to teaching courses in leadership, law, curriculum… continue reading »

Steve Ulczak

Information Technology Consultant

Steve Ulczak joined the Consortium for Educational Change in 2016 as an Information Technology Consultant. Steve has over 13 years of experience covering various roles in the Information Technology field. His role at CEC includes providing support in a number of areas for the organization including the technology help desk, ConnectWise, and Growth Through Learning…. continue reading »

Dr. Mark Van Clay


Dr. Mark Van Clay is a systems specialist who works through CEC to perform school board, superintendent, principal and central office training and role alignment around district-based continuous improvement best practices. Dr. Van Clay specializes in: – system assessments – strategic visioning – aligning district budgets and spending to a strategic plan – aligning central… continue reading »

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