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Podcast: The Power of a Listening and Learning System

CEC spoke with CEC Consultant Ann Cummins-Bogan who has many years of experience in the classroom and also served as a union leader during her career. Ann was interviewed by Mary McDonald, a senior director at the Consortium for Educational Change. CEC is working across the country with administrators and union leaders to build success… continue reading »

Online Course: Deepen Your Knowledge as an Illinois Evaluator

Principals, evaluators and peer evaluators who want to earn Illinois Administrator Academy credit while learning strategies for being an educational leader who works collaboratively with teachers to promote professional growth should sign up for CEC’s Learning Network: Beyond Compliance online course.

The six-hour online course provides Illinois Administrator Academy credit for evaluators at any grade level. Teachers and other educators interested in learning more about the evaluation process are welcome to take to the course as well. This course was developed specifically for Illinois educators as it is aligned to the PERA requirements evaluation reform Act of 2010. However, educators outside of Illinois are welcome to take the course if they choose. Read More