About CEC

CEC provides schools, unions, and districts with a systemic, collaborative approach to their unique challenges by building their internal capacity for continual improvement.

CEC’s work follows a unique pathway, and is guided by our six core values of capacity building, labor-management collaboration, partnerships, accountability, continuous improvement, and research-based effectiveness.


CEC delivers long-term, sustainable impact for schools and districts by building collaborative relationships between labor and management, building capacity to effectively implement initiatives, and helping schools and districts make the best choices about how to allocate resources to improve education for their students. Find out more about new research demonstrating the value of our model, and see case studies of our work in schools and districts.

Our Approach

Founded in 1987, The Consortium for Educational Change (CEC)’s mission is to build collaborative structures, processes and cultures with and among key educational stakeholders, including labor and management, to transform educational systems to continuously improve learning and achievement for ALL students.

CEC helps school systems across the country thoroughly understand their own strengths and opportunities, build mutually respectful collective bargaining relationships, create District, School and Team/Grade Level Leadership Teams, and establish effective and honest communication structures that include all three anchors. CEC’s consultants build individualized supports for each school and district, with a focus on collaboration and capacity-building.

Steering Committee

CEC is advised by a Steering Committee that includes school administrators, school board members, and teachers, as well as educational support staff and partner organizations.

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