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Social Emotional Learning Webinar: The Foundations Every Teacher Needs to Know

Today’s classrooms are expected to be more interactive, collaborative, and rigorous than ever before. Research has shown that when educators attend to the social emotional needs of the students and offer instruction in the skills necessary to successfully engage with intrapersonal and interpersonal interactions that academic achievement is enhanced. What are these social-emotional competencies, how… continue reading »

Raising the Bar in Corona-Norco

Video 2: Centennial High School in Corona, California, uses several strategies to raise the bar for the academic success of their students. There is no “one size fits all” approach. Previous Video

Labor-Management Collaboration

Chronic Stress and ACEs

Video 1 – Michael Lamb, Executive Director, Washington, D.C. with Turnaround for Children, shares the role that chronic stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have on students. As part of his presentation, he shares the power a teacher has to impact the lives of children, especially those dealing with chronic stress and ACEs. Lamb shares… continue reading »

Chronic Stress and ACEs

Labor Management Collaboration: Rockford’s Journey

Learn how Rockford Public Schools had positive impacts on the district’s culture and student outcomes through a comprehensive partnership approach with the Consortium for Educational Change (CEC). Rockford Public Schools and CEC partnered on new approaches to collaboration and collective bargaining, stakeholder engagement in major initiatives, and relationship building among the teacher union, administration and… continue reading »

Teacher Voice in Corona-Norco

Video 1: The voice of the teacher is one of the most important in education. Unfortunately, in many school systems across the country, it is not being heard. However, in Corona-Norco Unified School District, teacher opinions and ideas are valued and sought out by administration. In part one in a new series highlighting the Corona-Norco… continue reading »

Labor-Management Collaboration

School Climate and Collaboration: A Path to Whole Child and Whole School Success

Learn how the California Labor Management Initiative and the Consortium for Educational Change are working to create the conditions and environment in schools and districts to foster collaboration. By empowering teacher voice to share the strengths and weaknesses of programs, trust is built and students are the beneficiaries of the collaboration. This work leads to… continue reading »

Labor-Management Collaboration

California Labor Management Initiative

Learn how union leaders, state policy advisors, administrators and teachers in California are creating opportunities to expand the impact of labor-management collaboration. This is being done through the work of the California Labor Management Initiative through Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation (CDE Foundation) and CEC. These opportunities are based upon the research of Dr. Saul Rubinstein,… continue reading »

Labor-Management Collaboration

The Impact of Labor-Management Collaboration

Dr. Saul Rubinstein, Rutgers University, and his colleague Dr. John McCarthy, Cornell University, have been leading a national research project to investigate the impact of labor-management collaboration (LMC) on student learning. The research is based on the idea that effective, sustainable organizational change requires input and buy-in from multiple stakeholders, and explores how supportive collaborative… continue reading »

Labor-Management Collaboration

Peoria High School – A Case Study

Follow Peoria High School’s transformation through a School Improvement Grant. See how shared leadership and a strong union relationship paved the way for sustainable change.

School Transformation

TURN Video Series

The TURN Website is home to dozens of videos, including TURN Talk series. Filmed in front of a live audience, TURN Talks are presentations by educational thought leaders focused on organizational change strategies. These strategies help to strengthen labor-management collaborative structures and processes and to engage teacher voice and leadership. Ultimately TURN Talks seek to… continue reading »

Labor-Management Collaboration

Partnership for Resilience: An Emerging Partnership

Part one in a new series highlighting the emerging work of the Southland Initiative, which focuses on the damaging effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). It wasn’t until a backyard barbecue that siblings Audrey and David Soglin realized they had been grappling with the same problem independently for years. Their collaboration would form a unique… continue reading »

Partnership for Resilience

Establishing a system of continuous improvement

The outcome of Establishing a System for Continuous Improvement is collaborative discussion of data that is timely, relevant to improve student learning, and focused on continuous improvement of the teaching and learning system. This video explores an example from Marquardt School District, Glendale Heights, IL.

Collaborative Standards Implementation

Partnership for Resilience: A Journey Towards Trauma-Informed Schools

Learn how the Partnership for Resilience, originally known as the “Southland Education and Health Initiative,” is working with teachers, administrators, and health care professionals to meet the needs of students impacted by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). This second installment of a series shows how dedicated and caring educators in Calumet Park School District 132 boosted… continue reading »

Partnership for Resilience

Partnership for Resilience: Getting to All Means All

As currently constituted, schools alone aren’t capable of doing the job society has asked them to do. Academic achievement remains highly correlated with socio-economic income, despite decades of education reform. Paul Reville, founder of the Education Redesign Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, discussed these challenges and strategies for reform during the Partnership… continue reading »

Partnership for Resilience

Early Career Leadership Fellowship Part 1

Through a collaborative effort between the National Education Association (NEA) and the Consortium for Educational Change (CEC), the Early Career Leadership Fellow (ECLF) initiative will connect early career teacher leaders to union leadership, centered specifically around professional unionism and social justice unionism.

Early Career Leadership Fellows

Forming Effective Teams

High performing committees/teams work collaboratively to design, implement, and support a comprehensive curriculum to improve student learning. This video features an example from Thornton Township, Illinois.

Collaborative Standards Implementation

Unpacking ELA Standards

All stakeholders have a common understanding of learning expectations for students as identified by the standards. Staff systematically implement the identified standards. This video explores an example from Springfield, IL.

Collaborative Standards Implementation

Early Career Leadership Fellowship Part 2

The NEA and CEC have been partnering this year on an effort titled the Early Career Leadership Fellow (ECLF) initiative. The goal is to connect early career teacher leaders to union leadership, centered specifically around professional unionism and social justice unionism.

Early Career Leadership Fellows

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