The Impact of TURN on a Union and District

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The work of Teacher Union Reform Network has had a profound impact across the country to help unions, administration and boards of education work together to solve problems and work toward student success.

The specific impact Greece Central School District in Rochester, N.Y., was shared by both the union president and superintendent through letters they recently sent.

In his letter,  Jason T. Cooney, President of the Greece Teachers Association, wrote the following.

“The Greece Teachers Association and the Greece Central School District are in a very good place. We work collaboratively and from a place of trust. The Teacher Union Reform Network had a major role to play in our success.”

Superintendent Kathleen Graupman wrote this in her letter:

“I am proud to share that we now have created structures for all to have a ‘voice’ and to impact the success of our students. This would not have happened without the Teacher Union Reform Network.”

The full letter from both the union president and from the superintendent are included below.

Letter from the Union President

Letter from Superintendent

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