Teacher Evaluation (PERA) Next Steps


CEC Offers Several Supports to Help Ensure a Successful System for Supporting Effective Teaching

Now that districts in Illinois have developed a teacher evaluation plan that is aligned with the Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA), the next step is to ensure that plan enhances teaching and learning. For most districts, 2016-17 will be the first year the plan developed by the PERA Joint Committee will be utilized. Typically, the first year implementing any new system is the most difficult.

To help districts with the transition, CEC has developed several PERA support areas to assist districts successfully navigate their new teacher evaluation system and implement it with fidelity and consistency. As teachers and evaluators learn during this first year, CEC can assist in that process.

There are three main areas of support CEC has developed:

  • Refinement of a district’s teacher evaluation plan
  • Coaching for administrators and teachers on implementing the teacher evaluation plan
  • Inter-rater reliability training to ensure the teacher evaluation plan is implemented consistently across the school system

Refinement  – As district’s work to refine the teacher evaluation plan, CEC offers many specific supports in the following areas.

  • Information Collection: perception surveys, data analysis, and skills and capacity audits
  • Rating and Scoring: adjustments and enhancements
  • Processes: timelines, forms, and communication
  • Assessments: criteria, selection, and development
  • Specialty Areas: special education, ELL, teacher leaders, specialists, interventionists, deans, coaches, and early learning
  • PERA Joint Committee Facilitation: adjustments and changes
  • Leadership Development: training and consultation

Coaching – One of the most important aspects of implementing a revised teacher evaluation system is to provide coaching for educators providing the evaluation and educators participating in the process.  CEC offers several supports in this area including learning conversations, classroom use and application, professional practice and assessments, system coherence and leadership development.

Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR) – One hallmark of an effective teacher evaluation system is consistent implementation. To assist districts in establishing inter-rater reliability (IRR), CEC offers several supports including designing an IRR system, coaching and support for an established IRR system and leadership development around IRR.

Instead of a one-size fits all approach, each of these areas can be tailored for the needs of the district and a unique plan created.

Districts interested in learning more about these opportunities should contact Shelley Taylor at shelley.taylor@cecillinois.org.

Districts that determine CEC services are the right fit will co-create a contract outlining a unique and district-specific plan.

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