Learn How Your District Can Improve Through a System Assessment


CEC’s System Assessment is a process used to positively improve district/school performance through the increased use of a Continuous Improvement Framework. Research is clear about what practices need to be in place to produce a highly effective and efficient district or school. CEC’s System Assessment process requires a district or school to identify which of the practices are working well and which need attention to move the organization to a higher performance level.

The execution of the research-based practices from a System Assessment become a guaranteed expectation that is consistent across the organization.

A System Assessment involves:

  • A readiness assessment to ensure the school or district is familiar with the research-based practices of a high performing organization as outlined by a continuous improvement framework such as the Professional Learning Communities or the Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria.
  • A self-study and assessment to determine the level at which the district or school uses research-based, effective practices employed by high performing organizations. The level of implementation of those practices will be measured across every school at the district level and every classroom at the school level.
  • An external team review of the self-study and assessment, as well as a visit to the district or school. The team interviews stakeholders and examines evidence to provide an external review.
  • An oral report that provides an overview of the external team’s findings. The oral report is followed by written reports that identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • An opportunity to reflect and discuss the written report with the external team leader to clarify findings and determine next steps.

Learn more about partnering on a CEC system assessment or reviewing the continuous improvement research-based practices used in the assessment by contacting the CEC offices at info@cecillinois.org or 630-495-0507.

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