Engage Stakeholders in Strategic Planning


School districts interested in a strong partner to engage in a stakeholder involved strategic planning process where the approved plan becomes a guiding document for continuous improvement should consider the CEC strategic planning process.

Using a research-based process, CEC works closely with district leaders to tailor the process to fit the system’s unique needs and create a strategic plan that:

  • Determines gaps between current performance and preferred future performance.
  • Articulates clear focus and priorities by identifying the most urgent actions with a “less is more” philosophy.
  • Provides a clear one-page roadmap to move the district to a high level of performance.
  • Establishes a vision that is reflective of research-based practices and a continuous improvement framework.
  • Defines how to measure success through goals, indicators, measures and targets to ensure the plan is a S.M.A.R.T. plan connected to an aligned data system.
  • Connects the work of students, teachers, teams, schools and departments to organizational success through operational action plans.
  • Aligns leader and teacher performance evaluation systems to meet federal and state requirements for student growth.
  • Ensures a progress monitoring and reporting system to ensure accountability for improving results.

Additionally, CEC can help the district engage stakeholders in the strategic planning process to ensure the final plan reflects the values of the entire community.

CEC assists districts with strategies to live the plan following approval by the Board of Education.  These strategies ensure that the district has a return on the investment of establishing a plan.

Learn more about how CEC can help your district implement a strategic planning process by contacting Programs & Services Director Perry Soldwedel at perry.soldwedel@cecillinois.org or 309-241-6476.

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