Partnerships & Initiatives

CEC builds long-term partnerships to support work on a variety of initiatives that advance our mission. Read more about some of our primary initiatives.

IL-EMPOWER Learning Partner

Download Flyer (PDF) Partner with CEC for School Improvement The Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) has learned that school improvement hinges on the school, district, union, and board embracing change and nurturing early progress to ultimately produce results for students. CEC’s experience has proven that in order to improve, struggling schools must implement a small… continue reading »

Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN)

The Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN), founded in 1995, is a nationwide network of more than 200 union locals from the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association. It brings local unions together to promote progressive reform in education and teacher unions, build relationships among key stakeholders, and to cultivate the next generation… continue reading »

On The Same Page 2.0

Since 2011, six national organizations, along with the U.S. Department of Education, have been working together to support labor-management collaboration in states and school districts throughout the country for the advancement of student learning. The organizations include: AASA, The School Superintendents Association; American Federation of Teachers (AFT); Council of Chief State School Officials (CCSSO); Federal… continue reading »

Partnership for Resilience

CEC is a member of the Partnership for Resilience, an organization that aims to transform and integrate education, healthcare, and community organizations to create a trauma-informed, family-focused system that measurably improves academic, health, and social outcomes for children impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The Partnership for Resilience began in 2015 as the Southland Education and… continue reading »

Early Career Leadership Fellows (ECLF)

The Early Career Leadership Fellow (ECLF) initiative is a collaborative effort between the National Education Association (NEA) and CEC, which connects early career teacher leaders to union leadership, particularly around professional and social justice issues. The program has had a major impact on participants, who have reported increased connection and familiarity with the activities, mission, vision,… continue reading »

Growth Through Learning

Since February 2012, CEC has served as lead partner and fiscal agent of the Growth Through Learning (GTL) Illinois Performance Evaluation Program. CEC develops and offers online modules that provide training and related assessments to pre-qualify peer observers and teacher and principal evaluators throughout Illinois as part of GTL. The teacher and principal evaluator training… continue reading »

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