Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN)

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The Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN), founded in 1995, is a nationwide network of more than 200 union locals from the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association. It brings local unions together to promote progressive reform in education and teacher unions, build relationships among key stakeholders, and to cultivate the next generation of teacher leaders to influence education policy making and improve teaching effectiveness and student learning.

CEC supports and deepens the work of the Regional TURN Networks with a special focus on creating and sustaining Regional TURN Communities of Practice. These communities of practice are a way for regional labor-management partnerships to showcase their successes and learn from each other’s efforts. They provide a way to strengthen labor-management collaborative partnerships in order to implement the common core standards, teacher evaluation, and student growth measures in our schools and classrooms in ways that enhance professional practices and student learning.

CEC also works to broadly share and communicate the results of our TURN regions and state and local efforts to work collaboratively to develop and implement significant education reform policies and programs that impact student learning.

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