Our Work

CEC offers a full range of consulting services, programs, trainings, and coaching to schools and districts, utilizing the assistance of thoughtfully selected partners to augment our work. CEC tailors the support it provides based upon the specific needs of the district. Many districts join CEC as a member, which provides many benefits, including a lower rate for services.

Programs & Services

CEC offers a wide and diverse range of services ranging from targeted work with a single school site to comprehensive support provided to an entire district for transformation efforts. CEC carefully personalizes support to a district or school’s specific needs, and our services can include training, facilitation, and coaching. Our support can take the form of either on-site or distance learning.

Partnerships & Initiatives

CEC partners with a wide variety of individuals, groups, and organizations whose work aligns with our core beliefs. Partners help shape CEC’s approach, providing us with resources and thought leadership that keep our consultants on the cutting edge of research-based effective practice. In addition, we are able to leverage the work of our network of partners to develop integrated, coherent solutions for our member districts. Our partnerships are built on mutual learning and long-term investment, rather than vendor-customer interactions.


CEC has more than 80 consultants and trainers, sought from among teachers, principals, superintendents, and union leaders who have been successful in advancing evidence-based, collaborative change in their schools, districts, and unions.

District and school improvement needs rarely sort themselves into neat boxes, and CEC prides itself on being able to provide the right mix of consultants, with expertise both in building effective systems and in specific content areas. In addition, CEC strives to provide districts with strong relationships with consultants over time.


CEC works with more than 80 member districts across Illinois. Member districts pay membership dues to join the organization, and, in return, receive a wide variety of benefits, including discounted rates for CEC’s acclaimed services, including professional trainings, coaching, and systems assessment; special access to CEC’s network of nationally recognized partners, such as Michael Fullan and the Danielson Group; networking and collaboration with other CEC member districts; connections to state and national policymakers and agencies; and opportunities to publicize district successes.

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