Suggested Work Flow for Establishing a System for Continuous Improvement

Suggested Workflow for Establishing a System for Continuous Improvement


Collaborative discussion of data that is timely, relevant to improve student learning, and focused on continuous improvement of the teaching and learning system.


  • What assessment system is in place to measure student learning? Is the system a balanced system of assessment?
  • What level of assessment literacy exists amongst all staff?
  • How is a data management system utilized to provide timely data that is in an easy to use format?
  • How are data trends and patterns used to measure student learning? How are data used to determine the greatest area of need?
  • How are learning goals aligned throughout the system (i.e., student goals to individual teacher goals to team goals to school goals)?
  • What professional learning will be provided to support assessment literacy and use of data to adjust instruction?
  • How are students involved in analyzing their own learning data (goal setting, tracking and monitoring, etc.)?
  • How does the system use data to continually improve the teaching and learning systems?



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