Suggested Work Flow for Aligning Instructional Practices with Standards and Assessments

Suggested Workflow for Aligning Instructional Practices with Standards and Assessments


Teachers utilize effective, research-based instructional practices and strategies.


  • What high-yield instructional frameworks/models are used within each area of instruction?
  • What high-yield instructional practices should teachers and district leaders consider as they prepare to implement?
  • What components are necessary to support development of high-quality instructional units?
  • How will instruction be differentiated to support all learners?
  • Are instructional experiences aligned with the level of rigor (thinking) so that students are able to demonstrate mastery of the expected standards/targets?
  • Are supports identified in the unit plan for students who have not yet learned the required standards/targets? For students who have already learned?
  • What professional learning will be needed to support teachers in understanding and using the identified instructional framework and practices?
  • How will implementation of identified instructional frameworks/models and practices be monitored for effectiveness?

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