CEC hires full- and part-time employees and independent consultants as its personnel needs expand to meet client and organizational needs.

Employee Positions

Currently CEC is not hiring any new full- and part-time employees.

Independent Consultant Positions

Part-time consultants work in Illinois and other states served by the Regional TURN networks. The skills we desire include the ability to present, facilitate, train, and coach in districts and schools, as well as to configure CEC curriculum to match client needs. In general, a masters’ degree and teaching and/or administrative experience in schools are desired qualifications, although other relevant experience will be considered. Please note that consultants are independent contractors paid on a daily or project rate and are not eligible for health or other benefits.

Currently CEC is not hiring new part-time independent consultants.

If you would like to be considered for future CEC personnel needs, you are welcome to submit an application. This will put you in a pool of possible candidates for review when new positions open.

How to Apply