Implement the "Feedback Process"


District and schools interested in taking the next step in “The Feedback Process” journey can engage with CEC in any of the following areas.


Utilizing Feedback Typology

  • Develop a common understand of the various types, purposes, and sources of feedback
  • Identify ways to utilize data and evidence in the feedback process
  • Plan for a future feedback session and apply appropriate typologies

Improving Conditions for Feedback that Leads to Growth

  • Identify and analyze the main conditions for feedback
  • Develop strategies to improve mindset, readiness, and the environment for learning
  • Establish steps for improving current conditions for feedback

Empowering the Learner to Reflect and Grow

  • Identify and analyze the role of the learner in the feedback process
  • Discover ways to build critical thinking habits and learner skills
  • Utilize tools to support self-generated feedback to own and improve practice

Developing System Coherence in Feedback Approaches

  • Review and analyze the current system to identify feedback patterns
  • Establish a shared agreement on feedback and application approaches
  • Create action steps to develop a system-wide feedback process

To learn more about next steps or to sign up for tailored services to further implement “The Feedback Process,” contact Shelley Taylor for in-district facilitation.

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