Difficult Conversations Training


For most educators, addressing conflict or tension is avoided at all costs. However, difficult conversations occur on a regular basis and, without the right training and skills, they can quickly deteriorate, cause lasting damage to relationships, and stymie progress.

The Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) has developed a pair of training sessions that can help all educators – administrators, union leaders, teachers, support staff, board members – learn how to navigate difficult conversations and move those challenging discussions to a productive level.

The training consists of two, four-hour sessions where joint teams will build skills and learn strategies to proactively and positively address difficult work place issues. These sessions can accommodate up to 50 participants but can also be designed for smaller groups. Session One can stand alone but Session Two is only available to those completing Session One.

The objectives of Session One include:

  • Determining when a difficult conversation is needed
  • Exploring the difficult conversation process
  • Preparing for an upcoming difficult conversation

The objectives of Session Two include:

  • Practicing the skills of an interest based approach to problem solving in a difficult conversation
  • Understanding and practicing the skills of dialogue
  • Preparing for the problem solving in an upcoming difficult conversation

This training is ideal for all work place employees and session materials are useful for any stakeholder group. As part of the sessions, participants will identify their own challenging work place situations for which they will prepare in detail. Illinois Administrator Academy credit or Illinois Clock Hours can be provided.

Partner with CEC to bring a new approach to having difficult conversations by visiting cecweb.org or by contacting the CEC offices at info@cecillinois.org or 630-495-0507.

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