Executive and Induction Coaching Available


One of the most effective ways that a school system can help an educational leader be successful is by providing the support of an external coach. CEC offers a customized executive coaching for experienced leaders and induction coaching for leaders new to their role.

Executive coaching focuses on supporting administrators with the issues and challenges that are most relevant to their current professional reality. Induction coaching assists the administrator with understanding the dynamics of a new role and acting with purpose within that new role. CEC customizes both approaches so that the support is focused on the coachee’s goals within a framework of inquiry and reflection in order to build capacity.

Executive Coaching

CEC’s executive coaching process focuses on empowering educational leaders to achieve results by aligning their purpose, choices and actions. All coaching efforts are based on clearly defined goals and timetables that are determined jointly by the executive leader and coach.

Executive coaching for experienced leaders is a critical form of professional learning support. Experienced educational leaders will be matched with coaches based upon experience and background.

Induction Coaching

CEC’s induction coaching is built on the knowledge that all new administrators need support to help them acclimate to their role, assess the landscape, build relationships and identify major goals and strategies. The induction coaching approach CEC uses has proven to be impactful as educational leaders who are supported by a CEC coach report feeling successful in navigating the complexities of their new role.

CEC has several affordable pricing structures for both executive coaching and to support the unique needs of districts and new administrators that include four approaches:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Combined Individual and Group Coaching within the Same District
  • Group Coaching
  • Virtual Coaching

Contact Arlana Bedard by calling 630-495-0507 in order to learn more or schedule coaching for educational leaders.

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