Sustained Capacity Building

Case Study Marquardt School District 15, Glendale Heights, IL

In 2002, the new superintendent in Marquardt reached out to CEC because the district was experiencing a rapid demographic shift, with shifting populations racially and an increase in low-income families. Additionally, the district was facing a major financial crisis that was hampering contract negotiations. An atmosphere of distrust permeated every attempt to move forward.

CEC worked with Marquardt from 2002 to the present, building capacity each year for the district to solve its own problems. In the early years, CEC helped the district, school board, and teachers union work together using Interest-Based Bargaining and establishing collaborative structures such as District and School Partnership Councils. Over time, the focus shifted toward classroom practice, with detailed school assessments, support for curriculum development, and training to establish Professional Learning Communities.

Not only has Marquardt made great strides in improving student achievement and closing the achievement gap, but it has also created a sustainable collaborative culture that enables it to continue the work into the future.

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