Building Trust

Case Study Thornton Township HS District 205, South Holland, IL

Teachers and school administrators in Thornton High School District 205, a low-income district in Chicago’s south suburbs, were desperate to provide effective education to students. However, a toxic culture of misunderstanding and mistrust had taken hold among the school board, district administration, and the teachers union. Teachers were without a contract, the district had four superintendents in 18 months, and the school board couldn’t pass a motion on any single substantive issue.

CEC knew that creating a collaborative culture was an essential first step to improving student achievement. In 2015, CEC helped Thornton 205 establish District and School Transformation Councils, and supported these with comprehensive training and coaching.

By the end of the year, trusting relationships among the three anchors had been built, and the District Transformation Council and the School Transformation Councils were ready to begin addressing specific student achievement goals.

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